EDMONTON -- A Nova Scotia man is being transported to Alberta after being accused of forcing a woman to work in the sex trade in the Edmonton area between November and December of 2019.

William Meuse, 31, was arrested at a home in Digby County, N.S., last week. He's charged with human trafficking as well as advertising sexual services and distribution of intimate images. 

"This is such a dehumanizing offence and it took tremendous courage for the victim to come forward. We owe it to her to pursue justice, and as this case demonstrates, we are prepared to go to great lengths to do so,” said Acting Staff Sgt. Chris Hayes, with Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team.

The investigation began in June 2020 after the victim contacted Mounties in Nova Scotia. Police say she has been offered support and specialized care resources.

Survivors of sex trafficking can call 211 for help.