The president of Octane Racing Group says he is determined to build a better Edmonton Indy next year and make some money doing it, despite the fact the race has never made money.

With an optimistic flair, Francois Dumontier confidently stated, "We know that energy is here, light it up." The president of Octane Racing Group says he believes there is money to be made on the Edmonton Indy.

"I wouldn't enter that if I know that I would lose money," said Dumontier.

Starting next year Dumontier's organization will take over the reigns of the Edmonton Indy from Northlands. Many believe Octane Racing has a difficult year ahead of them, considering the Indy lost more than $9 million the first two years and is due for another deficit this year with Northlands as its promoter.

However, Dumontier believes his group's expertise will steer the Edmonton Indy in the right direction.

"This is all we do, for the last decade," said Dumontier.

The city has agreed to provide sponsorship to the Indy over the next three years, and some of the sport's biggest stars say the city made the right decision.

"It's a very professional group," said Alex Tagliani. "They know how to run a race."

"It's great, there is a new promoter coming in," said Paul Tracy. "Obviously Northlands has done the job that they could do here."

Dumontier says his next step will be to set up an office in Edmonton to start on work immediately. He hopes to make Edmonton the racing capital of western Canada.

With files from Sean Amato