A hearing is underway for two officers accused of using excessive force during the Stanley Cup riots on Whyte Avenue three years ago.

The plantiff, 69-year-old Edmonton-based lawyer Brian Fish, claims he did nothing wrong when he was tasered and arrested on June 17th, 2006.

He says officers had told him to stop taking pictures, and became aggressive when he refused.

"The next thing I knew I was on the ground and being tasered," he said during the review on Monday.

"I could hear the click of the taser. I thought I heard it three times, then ringing in my ears."

Fish was released hours after his arrest without being charged. His son, who was also on Whyte Ave during the riots, testified on his behalf, saying he became scared for his safety when the officers allegedly became verbally abusive.

"I felt threatened that night," said Nigel Fish told the review board.

The hearing comes two years after police chief Mike Boyd decided not to proceed with charges against the two officers in question - Constables Tori Tagg and Denise Turkawski.

According to Fish, that's why he's pushing for a full disciplinary hearing.

"There's a principle involved. I think EPS needs to be brought under control and they're not," he said.

"I think [the decision not to press charges] has a lot to do with an attitude and the attitude is one that came straight from the chief."

Fish does admit, however, that he blacked out for a short time, and claims he can't remember what he said or did to the officers during that period.

The hearing continues on Tuesday.

In all, nearly 400 people were thrown behind bars during the riots, and only two were ever charged.

-With Files from CTV's Scott Roberts