Only hours after nominations for the upcoming civic election closed, the City of Edmonton released the full list of candidates for mayor, council, and trustees for the public and Catholic school districts.

Six candidates officially entered the race for mayor Monday, each in a bid to fill the seat left open by outgoing Mayor Stephen Mandel, who is stepping down after three terms as mayor.

  • Kerry Diotte
  • Don Iveson
  • Karen Leibovici
  • Kristine Acielo
  • Joshua Semotiuk
  • Gordon Ward

Three mayoral candidates have stepped down from their council seats to seek election as mayor, guaranteeing that there will be at least six new faces on City Council following the October 21 election, a total of 73 candidates are running for the twelve spots on council.

Current councilors are seeking reelection in the following six regions: Wards 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, and 12.

CTV News has compiled an extensive list of the candidates seeking election to Edmonton’s City Council – along with background information on each ward – which can be found by following this link.

As for the election of trustees for the Edmonton Public School Board and the Edmonton Catholic School District – 22 candidates for positions on the public school board, and 18 candidates for the Catholic school district officially entered their names into their respective races.

There are a total of 9 wards in Edmonton Public Schools, however, the Trustees in two of those wards were acclaimed Monday, as they were the only candidates nominated.

In Wards A and G, incumbent trustees Cheryl Johner and Sarah Hoffman (respectively) were automatically acclaimed:

Ward B:

  • Michelle Draper
  • Steve Jaswal
  • Carl Kaminsky

Ward C:

  • Orville Chubb
  • Tina Jardine
  • Susan Ketteringham
  • Karen J Pheasant

Ward D:

  • Elizabeth Johannson
  • Ray Martin

Ward E:

  • Ken Gibson
  • Bridget Stirling
  • Lorraine Wheatley

Ward F:

  • Michael Christopher Janz
  • Noah Shillington

Ward H:

  • Julie Davies-Jodoin
  • Nathan Ip
  • Mike Lanteigne
  • Weslyn Mather

Ward I:

  • Sherry Adams
  • Leslie Ann Cleary (i)

The candidates for the seven trustee positions with the Edmonton Catholic School District are as follows:

Ward 71:

  • Patricia Grell
  • Terry Harris
  • Zach Koziak

Ward 72:

  • Larry Kowalczyk (i)
  • Dan Posa

Ward 73:

  • Jennifer Chahal
  • Michelle Davis
  • Cindy Olsen (i)

Ward 74:

  • Debbie Engel (i)
  • Brad Lohner

Ward 75:

  • John Acheson (i)
  • Andrea Klotz

Ward 76:

  • Marilyn Bergstra (i)
  • Tom Solyom

Ward 77:

  • Stephen Dufresne
  • Kara Pelech
  • Roger Riashy
  • Laura Thibert (i)

Edmontonians will head to the polls October 21.