EDMONTON -- The Royal Alexandra Hospital’s labour and delivery unit is undergoing a baby boom – but not just because of patients.

Fourteen nurses of about 120 in the ward are either expecting or have just had a baby.

Pascale Hayne-Hanann’s son Elliot was the first to be born in the six-month period that will see all 14 women deliver.

“I think it’s awesome to have that many people that can relate to the same thing as us,” the new mom told CTV News Edmonton.

“Six months, everyone will have their babies and then we’ll all be in the same boat.”

Elliott was born Dec. 28, 2019, after what Hayne-Hanann called a rough pregnancy. But out in the world, his mother said he’s been doing great.

By the middle of June, Elliott will be only one of more than a dozen babies born to nurses in the ward.

Sara Ades is estimated to be one of the last women who will give birth to a girl in the first week of June.

“I have the same due date as three of them, so we kind of all had some fun at the same time,” she joked.

“I found out here, actually, because the perk of working in this unit is I was able to ask a doctor.”

Both nurses agreed the infant influx was a coincidence.

“I think there’s just a lot of us on the unit that are at that age and a lot of the ladies that are pregnant just got married, so it just fell all at the same time,” Hayne-Hanann explained.

The 14 colleagues have set up a Facebook group chat to share experiences and advice.

Ades added, “Knock on wood, so far, it’s been good. And it’s been really helpful to share this with all of my colleagues and friends.”

With a report from CTV News Edmonton’s Jay Rosove