The Oliver Community League has voted against a plan that would turn part of a park into a residential tower.

Abbey Lane Homes wants to build a 24-storey condo tower in part of Oliver Park, located across the street from the Brewery District. In exchange, the city would receive undeveloped land at 120 Street and 102 Avenue.

The city would then turn the land into a park.

“One of major priorities are park spaces, open spaces, so our residents can enjoy and we feel that this development is not going to allow for future opportunities,” Oliver Community League President Lisa Brown said.

Instead, OCL wants a “best case scenario” where the city keeps Oliver Park as is, and buys that undeveloped land to turn it into a park.

The decision will be up to city council.

“When you’re sitting there as a city councilor, your decision-making is supposed to be as a councillor for the entire city,” Ward 6 Councillor Scott McKeen said. “I am going to argue for Oliver and its need for green space, breathing space, in a community that has way more population density than anywhere else in the city.”

There will be more public engagement before council votes in April.