In the wake of a massive snowfall, the city has declared a seasonal parking ban, first thing Friday morning.

The city announced Thursday afternoon that officials decided to implement a seasonal parking ban on residential bus routes city-wide.

Officials said some parts of the city were covered with up to 10 to 15 centimetres of snow on Wednesday, which prompted the ban.

Any vehicles still parked on designated routes after 7 a.m. Friday run the risk of facing a ticket and being towed, for as long as the ban is in effect – even after snow plows have been through the area.

The Director of Roadway Maintenance said the parking ban plays an important role in making work easier for crews.

“We can go faster,” Bob Dunford said. “We actually get about 20 to 25 percent higher productivity when there’s no vehicles on the road.”

The parking ban is expected to be lifted about 48 hours after it goes into effect.

Once the plowing is completed and the ban has been lifted, snow clearing crews will begin a 5-day blading cycle on residential streets.

The city is also reminding residents and business owners that they are responsible for clearing snow off of city sidewalks, within 48 hours after a snowfall ends.

With files from Bill Fortier