Passengers on a Sunwing flight set to return from Cancun are angry after several delays doubled their travel time.

“There was nobody there taking charge,” Darryl Rewniak told CTV News.

“They kept passing it off from one person to the next to the next.”

Rewniak said he was frustrated by the lack of service as well as the 15-hours it took to get home.

According to a media spokesperson for the company it was a run of bad luck.

Daryl McWilliams from the Sunwing Travel Group said the crew was aware of strong headwinds before they left.

In anticipation of the winds crews removed 22 bags to lighten the weight of the aircraft to save on fuel.

However, McWilliams explained, that was not the end of it as the headwinds proved to be stronger than originally forecast.

“Therefore the crew had no choice but to divert to Calgary.”

It was at that time a new crew had to be called in as the original team had been working too long.

McWilliams said passengers were offered a $20 meal voucher and another $150 rebate for their next trip.

But Rewniak says that’s not going to fly.

“They couldn’t pay me enough to make me happy.”

There were 173 passengers on the flight.

Sunwing is a Canadian company with offices in Toronto, Quebec City, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

With files from Jeff Harrington