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Peace Camp YEG launches new camp in river valley to serve Edmonton’s homeless


For the third time, non-profit organization Peace Camp YEG has launched a camp to serve Edmonton’s homeless population.

Officially launched on July 10, Peace Camp 3 is intended to be a safe space for those experiencing homelessness and offers shelter, food, and access to harm reduction supplies.

The camp is located at the city’s Indigenous Art Park along Queen Elizabeth Park Road.

Volunteers say the camp has returned since Edmonton is still experiencing a shortage of housing programs.

“It’s mainly as the name says: Peaceful,” Kay Del Rio told CTV News Edmonton.

“We’re trying to provide residents with the supplies that they need, whether its denture cleaner or food, tents, clothing – whatever we can provide in order to make sure that they’re taken care of.”

The peace camp currently has 20 residents. Top Stories

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