Physicians across Alberta are looking to reopen negotiations with the province.

The news came after about 115 doctors meet in Nisku on Saturday.

Alberta Medical Association (AMA) president Michael Giuffre said the consensus was one of unity.

“We have agreed to have a facilitator from both parties, that we would agree with, and that that facilitator would take us through a process of how we’re actually going to get through negotiations, what items would be on the table,” he explained.

Giuffre also confirmed doctors would not consider any job action during the negotiations.  

“I can tell you that there is no appetite amongst physicians across Alberta to do anything that would put our patients at harm.”

According to the AMA, results of a public survey were in favour of physicians.

“We were really pleased to see that there was a good understanding that physicians needed to be treated fairly. That there were trust issues that were out there that needed to be handled well by the government.”

Guiffre said they hoped the facilitators would be in place by December 31 and negotiations finalized by February 28.