The Canadian Forces pilot who managed to eject from his aircraft moments before it struck the ground and exploded on Friday says he feels lucky to be alive.

"I feel extremely lucky considering the magnitude of the accident," said Captain Brian Bews Monday. "I will be concentrating on rest for the next while, but will make a complete recovery," he added.

The captain also took time to thank first responders and the staff at the Lethbridge hospital.

The captain was practicing a maneuver for the Alberta International Airshow when the CF-18 fighter jet crashed at the Lethbridge County Airport.

A full investigation into what caused the jet to crash is now underway. Investigators were waiting until after the weekend airshow in Lethbridge to move in on the crash site.

There are 13 people on the investigation team. Officials say it could take up to one year for the military to come to some sort of conclusion regarding the crash.

Major Rachel Morrell, wing surgeon at 4 Wing, in Cold Lake says they aren't sure as to when Bews will return to his flying duties as they plan to give him plenty of time to rest and recuperate.