An airplane flipped over after landing on the runway at Parkland Airport Thursday morning.

The two people on board walked away with minor injuries.

“They were out of the plane before we even got there,” said Gerald Morgan, manager at the Edmonton Flying Club.

He said it was a privately owned Cessna 140 and the occupants were “middle-age men."

There was nothing leaking from the plane, and Morgan said the club helped tow it off the runway.

The RCMP are investigating with Transport Canada.

“The impact itself was minimal compared to something that would have been at full speed," said Parkland County RCMP Cpl. Cuneyt Zanbak. "It would have been a lot worse.”

During the investigation and cleanup, air traffic was rerouted to Villeneuve airport.

People who live nearby said the incident is alarming.

“Yes, it is and it’s so close too,” said Jill Schubert, who lives across from the airport.

“It’s not a good thing.”

Parkland is approximately 30 kilometres west of Edmonton.