Police said an investigation was underway into the alleged assault of a female reporter at the Women’s March in Edmonton Saturday.

Sheila Gunn Reid, a contributor to the conservative online media group called The Rebel Media, was at the Women’s March on the Alberta Legislature grounds on Saturday when she said she was assaulted.

The Rebel released video showing the incident, where Reid attempts to interview an individual in the crowd from behind the camera. The video continues with the man lashing out, striking the camera.

Reid is then seen saying: “He just hit me in the face” As the man leaves, disappearing into the crowd.

Reid said she took the video to police, who said they are investigating.

The man in the video was later identified as Dion Bews – and he spoke to CTV News Monday.

Bews said he had spoken to police, and he was told he won’t be facing charges.

He told CTV News Reid had continued trying to interview him, after he had asked her not to – he said he became frustrated. Bews claims he didn’t hit her in the face, but he hit her camera, which he said was on a tripod – he also said he didn’t think the camera hit her.

Bews said in the days since the incident, he hasn’t left his home because he and his wife have received hundreds of threats through texts, phone calls and emails.

Meanwhile, Ezra Levant, also with The Rebel Media, has offered a $1000 reward for information leading to charges, which Bews called a “bounty”.

Reid is standing by her story, saying Monday in a tweet: “Are you okay? Is what a normal person would say to someone who was just assaulted. No Women’s Marcher said that to me.”

With files from Matt Woodman and The Canadian Press

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story attributed an online apology to Dion Bews, CTV News has determined the account was not connected to Bews in any way.