Edmonton police have made one arrest in connection to a sexual touching incident on an Edmonton Transit bus in the southside earlier this week.

Police have been investigating two possible suspects following a series of what they call sexual touching incidents which occurred on Edmonton transit buses over the past ten days in the south-side of the city.

Investigators arrested a 52-year-old man Friday evening at the Southgate bus terminal in connection to an incident on Jan. 20, but are still searching for the other suspect.

The first incident happened at about 3 p.m. on January 12th on a bus travelling northbound on 111 Street between 43 and 48 Avenue. Police say the victim was a 15-year-old girl.

Six days later police say another 15-year-old girl travelling on the same bus route at around the same time was touched inappropriately.

The suspect in these two incidents was identified to police after one of the girls snapped a photo of him on her cell phone. Police are still on the lookout for this suspect.

"The first two incidents were related...in that it's the same person. The third incident we have determined is a different person, so we are not dealing with a serial type thing," said Det. Mike Tabler with Edmonton police.

Police have, however, made an arrest in connection to the third incident which happened on January 20th at 6 p.m. on bus route #17. Police say the victim was a 24-year-old woman.

Rajinder Prashad Kaul, 52, has been charged with sexual assault in connection to this latest incident.

Police describe sexual touching as any unwanted physical contact, which may include things such as grabbing the buttocks of a person, even if covered by clothes.

The recent incidents leave some wondering why added safety measures haven't become a priority for city transit.

"Something needs to be done about it, because the girls are scared to take the bus by themselves," one woman told CTV News.

"I think security would be helpful on the buses... not wearing uniforms or anything, just under disguise and they could see what happens," another woman said.

Just last month, an Edmonton Transit System driver was brutally beaten by a passenger who police say was arguing with the driver over bus fare.

The driver, Tom Bregg, remains in hospital and is still recovering from massive facial injuries.

Police charged Gary Edwin Mattson, 24, with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and assaulting a peace officer following the attack.