Edmonton police said Wednesday that they had a suspect in connection to the theft of a garden decoration that was recorded by surveillance cameras and distributed on Facebook.

On Tuesday, CTV News talked to Forest Heights resident Tim Barnes, who said a statue on his front step had been stolen in broad daylight on June 20.

Barnes and his wife were out of town at the time – he started trying to identify the individual recorded in the surveillance footage making off with the statue by making posters with images taken from the video.

A neighbour helped upload the video to Facebook, where it was shared dozens of times, and collected tens of thousands of views before Tuesday.

When he talked to CTV News Tuesday, Barnes said he wasn’t sure if he would take the case to police – but later that evening, he did.

In a tweet sent out before noon Wednesday, police thanked people who submitted tips on the incident, and said they had a suspect and didn’t need any more information.