RCMP may have found some answers in the murder of Spruce Grove teacher Jolene Cote.

Air and ground crews searched for clues in Parkland County on October 29.

Teams were focusing on a small lake area near the home where Jolene Cote was found murdered.

Although it was clear they found something police did not elaborate.

"In this type of search we find all kinds of items," Sgt. Patrick Webb told CTV News, "But whether it's anything of value or has any connection to the investigation is something to be determined later on."

Neighbours in the area have been worried about their safety since Cote was found dead in her home on October 13.

"I'm worried about my family, my wife and kids," Richard Abel said.

"The sooner they can find something the better."

"We don't know how she died," Gary Woolger explained, "So all the women around here are freaked out. We're in lock-down right now."

Anyone with information has been asked to call Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

With files from Sean Amato