Edmonton police have shed more light on the 42-year-old man suspected in the shooting death of Constable Daniel Woodall on Monday night.

Police said Norman Raddatz allegedly mounted an online campaign of "extreme" bullying against another man in the city. Police describe the hate crime as anti-Semitic.

Police spokesman Scott Pattison said the target and his family became so concerned for their safety that they filed a complaint with police a few months ago.

CTV News has learned Raddatz also posted an excess of messages on his Facebook page, Dino Stomper, targeted at City of Edmonton bylaw officers, referring to police as “pigs”.

According to records, Raddatz received tickets, in May and August, 2014, for an abandoned vehicle, believed to be his motorhome parked outside of his west-end home.

Raddatz responded with the following Facebook posts:

“This constant harassment by Edmonton bylaw "Officers". These people really only serve corporations by enforcing unlawful statute and generating revenue via fines. This is another ploy to unlawfully levy taxation by any means.”

“They will have to drag me to court by force. I will not voluntarily enter a corrupt admiralty court.”

“Edmonton bylaw is an extortion racket paid for by our tax dollars to go about robbing us of more dollars.”

“With no consent given by me, therefore no contract is formed, I am not lawfully obligated to pay fines handed out by those taxation pirates.”

According to records obtained by CTV News, Raddatz’s motorhome was towed in May, 2014. That prompted him to claim the property was stolen:

“STOLEN! - 1990 class A Motorhome at 10:20AM this morning. Stolen by Edmonton bylaw 'officer', [Kingsway Towing] and EPS Police!! (Policy enforcement). Unlawful seizure without warrant or just cause, and I was threatened with arrest!!”

According to Raddatz’s Facebook page, he also targeted several comments towards television in general, calling it “TV Jew bulls**t”:

“Check out police brutality videos on [YouTube] in the US. Then consider how stupid shows like CSI and [Criminal Minds] is propaganda that conditions the masses into believing that ‘This is how police work is done’. Note how TV pigs never have proper warrants, use threats and intimidation, and break other laws.”

On June 8, eight officers had gone to Raddatz’s home to serve him with documents ordering him to appear in court on a charge of criminal harassment and they also had an arrest warrant stemming from a bylaw offence.

Constable Daniel Woodall was killed at the scene while a second officer was shot in the back but saved by his bullet-proof vest.

After the shooting stopped, the house caught fire and police later found a body in the basement.

Autopsy results released by the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) on June 11 confirm the remains to be those of Raddatz who died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

With files from The Canadian Press