A five-kilometre joy ride—at least—on a city golf course beverage cart ended in downtown Edmonton Friday evening, when the cart crashed and its pilot fled from the scene.

Edmonton resident Rebecca Campbell learned of the commotion after hearing a loud noise outside her home around 10:30 p.m.

Her husband came to get her, saying, "You've got to see this. This is definitely something going on here."

In a parking lot outside, Campbell found a golf cart caught by its underbelly on a wheel stop. Canned drinks were scattered around its wheels.

A spokesperson with the City of Edmonton confirmed a beverage cart was stolen from the Riverside Golf Course Friday evening. The cart is owned by Red Table, which provides food and beverage service at the course.

It had been driven at least 30 blocks to arrive—on the other side of the river—at 107 Avenue and 116 Street.

Campbell said she and her husband watched as police arrived and eventually sent them inside as they brought in a canine unit.

"For real," she told CTV News Edmonton. "I don’t know how he got away."

She laughed: "Pretty crazy that a golf cart, that was on the south side of Edmonton, found its way all the way to a downtown parking lot—my downtown parking lot—and crashed right there.

"I don't know what to say about that. Drama likes to find us, I guess."

Edmonton Police Service said it was called by the golf course around 6:30 p.m., but only found the cart—driverless—hours later while doing a grid search. The cart had been stocked with about $1,000 worth of beverages.  

Police have not yet found the suspect.

With files from Amanda Anderson