Edmonton's cool and soggy summer has resulted in a cucumber shortage.

Dieter Kuhlmann, Kulhmann's Greenhouse owner, has been growing crops for more than 50 years, and he can't recall a summer like this one.

"This is not normal August weather. This is like October."

So heading into pickling season, Kulhmann's Greenhouse has put a limit on how many pounds of cucumber customers can buy.

"I was here 40 minutes waiting in line, and I got lucky," Lisa McLean told CTV News Edmonton. Olha Shershun was also able to get a few bags at Kuhlmann's after she came up emptyhanded at other greenhouses.

"They said no luck with cucumbers. They only have some for themselves and none to sell," Shershun said.

North of Edmonton, aside from cucumbers, the issue is with sweet corn, which is three weeks behind.

"We normally have a sweet corn festival this coming long weekend, and we’re not able to because we just don't have corn," said Tam Andersen, the owner of Prairie Gardens, located in Bon Accord, Alta.

With fall fast approaching, frost is the new concern. Kuhlmann says frost usually comes in September, but after this recent weather, "one never knows."

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Dan Grummett