EDMONTON -- Every Saturday, a group fighting for civil liberties gathers outside the legislature.

Earlier this week, the premier expressed concern with the unmasked protests, saying they need to get a grip.

“Even if you think masks aren’t really effective, even if you think public health restrictions have gone to far, how about you just err on the side of caution and responsibility,” Kenney said Thursday.

He encouraged them to hold the rallies virtually.

Maddy wait, an immunology student and mask supporter, came to hear the other side's perspective.

“A lot of it is grounded in ‘We should get to choose.’ Nobody choose the pandemic, nobody chooses to get sick but you do have the choice whether or not you have the empathy to wear something to protect somebody else,” she said.

She questioned one speaker about a speech they read from the podium, suggesting that the situation in hospitals isn’t as bad as others in the profession are saying.

“She kept saying we the health care professionals, local major hospitals but when I asked her which doctors, which hospitals, she refused to comment.”

She walked away as CTV News Edmonton tried to ask questions as well.

Sheriffs were watching, but it appears no tickets were handed out.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Amanda Anderson.