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Protesters stand in solidarity with Palestinian people, look to 'change the narrative'


Protesters raised Palestinian flags downtown Sunday, hoping to gather support for peace in the Middle East.

Dozens of demonstrators gathered at the Alberta legislature building for speeches and a march in solidarity with Palestinian residents of the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank.

A multiple-day raid on the camp was carried out by the Israeli military on July 3. Twelve Palestinians were killed and thousands were forced from their homes.

One Israeli soldier was also killed.

Moustafa Zarandah, from Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME), said the assault on the camp was "brutal."

"We're here to stand in solidarity with those people and to show that Canadians actually care about the justice and peace in the Middle East," Zarandah said.

"It's very unfortunate but the government officials are very one-sided," he added. "We're changing our approach right now, to reach from the ground up – reaching the people, the regular people like you, myself."

Representatives from several local advocacy groups spoke to the crowd, including a representative from Independent Jewish Voices. Protesters then marched a route along 109 and 108 Street.

Zarandah said similar events were being held in cities across Canada, to try and raise public awareness and education around the situation in the Middle East.

"Show them and teach them about Palestine, about the history, and about the rights of the Palestinian people," Zarandah said. "If we can change the narrative a little bit, for the people of Edmonton, that's our biggest goal." 


A previous version of this story stated that three Palestinian people were killed in the raid. There were 12 Palestinian people killed. Top Stories

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