EDMONTON -- The province tabled legislation Thursday cutting infrastructure funding for municipalities and increasing 911 levy charges.

The minister of municipal affairs said although Bill 56 will cut funding to communities by 25 per cent, it provides flexibility since the money is spread out over a longer period of time.

Edmonton and Calgary will share $382 million dollars down from the $455 million previously announced.

It will also delay a new funding deal for cities by 2024.

"I understand they have a difficult job to do and they are trying to meet the needs of their citizens and by asking the province for more money I understand they're just doing their jobs well," said Ric McIver. "But I would ask them to do the same thing their citizens have had to do, to live within their means."

The bill also increases 911 levy charges for cellphone users from 44-cents per month to 95-cents per month.

Officials said Alberta's 911 centres plan to spend an extra $41 million per year to modernize and meet a new federally-mandated technology standard by March 2024.