EDMONTON -- The province has tabled changes to its mental health act after a judge ruled it unconstitutional and incomplete. It proposes changing how a mental disorder is defined.

Right now, someone with a brain injury could be detained against their will for treatment. The amended act would only permit that if the patient had a brain injury and a mental disorder.

Last year, a judge ruled that a homeless Calgarian had his charter rights breached when he was detained in 2014.

The province is appealing that ruling.

“The court made the determination that the act was unconstitutional or contravened Charter rights. So that’s a position we don’t believe with, so we are appealing it on that ground,” said Health Minister Tyler Shandro. “But look, we’re not making these amendments because we’re reluctant or we’re forced to do that. We’re making these amendments because they’re the right thing to do.”

Other changes in bill 17 include better access to medical records and information on legal rights.