Weeks before it is to expire, an opposition MLA is calling for the Provincial Government to keep a rental subsidy program going into the New Year.

The program is delivered by the Capital Region Housing Corporation, the corporation and the City of Edmonton are also asking for the program to continue.

If the program is eliminated, MLA Rachel Notley said more than 1,200 families in Alberta will be affected.

"My office has been overwhelmed with calls from concerned constituents," Notley said in a press conference Thursday. "[They] are very worried that they are going to find themselves without [roofs] over their heads come January first."

The Minister of Human Services, David Hancock responded Thursday, and said the expiry date of the program was set when the pilot project was created.

"I wouldn't make any comment on the December time frame," Hancock said. "That is what was set out in the pilot project,

"We will be doing the analysis."

The minister also said he's still catching up on his new portfolio.

"You have to appreciate that I've been in the department for a week," Hancock said. "I'm not just getting up to speed, but working on some of the areas we need to make those decisions."

Notley said over the last three years, the government has cut more than $75 million from the program.