The province said a review has been launched into school superintendent compensation – in the wake of a report that revealed their salaries are higher than their counterparts in Saskatchewan, Ontario and B.C.

The Alberta government has sent a letter to school boards throughout the province, asking for copies of superintendent contracts.

“To make sure public servants are being compensated fairly, but not excessively,” Education Minister David Eggen said.

The letter came one month after a report revealed Alberta school superintendents are paid more than superintendents in other provinces.

Between 2011 and 2016, their salaries increased ten per cent. In that time, salaries for teachers didn’t change.

“Teachers felt that they’ve been doing their part to help this government with the financial situation they found themselves in, and a little disappointed there were educational dollars that could have been directed to the classroom, that were not,” Greg Jeffery, with the Alberta Teachers Association said.

The College of Alberta School Superintendents argued the report released in February was not a complete picture.

“It chose to focus on only one aspect of remuneration,” Barry Litun said.

“Salary is part of that, but there are things like whether health benefits are provided or not…whether there’s an allowance for travel.”

The College will meet with the minister before the review is complete; hoping to defend what it believes is fair compensation.

“It would simply be inappropriate if a person was working under terms of a contract and has been honoring that contract, to suddenly have someone suggest that contract is no longer going to be honored,” Litun said.

Eggen didn’t say how any possible changes would be made, and whether current superintendents would see cuts in salary, or if lower salaries would be offered when current contracts end. He said those details will be released once the review is finished.

With files from Shanelle Kaul