EDMONTON -- The RCMP are investigating a man's claims that his father was involved in the murder of Amber Tuccaro and several other missing persons and homicides.

In a statement, police said they had investigated the allegations and determined that many of the cases provided by the man have already been solved.

They are concerned that erroneous information could negatively impact the wellbeing of the families.

Tuccaro went missing from the Edmonton area in 2010. Her skeletal remains were found on a rural property near Leduc in 2012.

The same year, police released a recording of a conversation between Tuccaro and an unknown man in a vehicle. It’s believed that is the last time she was seen alive. They said the man in the recording is a person of interest in Tuccaro’s death.

CTV News Edmonton spoke to the man who made the social media post about his father. CTV News is not idenifying him, since police have not identified his father as a suspect or even a person of interest.

He believes his father is the unidentified man in the recording. He said he has other recordings of his father’s voice, which he has sent to RCMP to investigate a possible match.

The man said he made the posts to put public pressure on police to solve the case. He has since removed the posts.

The Tuccaro family told CTV News they did not wish to comment on the man's allegation. 

Tuccaro’s murder is still under investigation.

In 2019, police made a public apology for their handling of the case.