Police northeast of Edmonton are investigating, after a serious collision on a major highway left black smoke billowing into the sky.

Boyle RCMP told CTV News the collision took place just after 4 a.m. Monday, and involved a tanker truck, and a minivan on Highway 63 near Boyle.

RCMP said the smaller vehicle was turning onto Highway 63 from Highway 663, and struck the side of the tanker truck, which was carrying gasoline - as a result, both vehicles burst into flames.

While crews cleanup and police investigate, the north and southbound lanes of Highway 63 have been closed – officials said drivers should use Highway 661 and Highway 831 as alternates.

In addition, Highway 663 is being diverted at Highway 827.

It’s expected Highway 63 will remain closed into Monday afternoon.

Boyle RCMP are also working to determine what caused the crash, investigators said the driver of the tanker truck had been interviewed by police, and investigators are trying to find out how many people were inside the van.

The tanker truck driver suffered minor injuries in the crash.

An officer told CTV News the crash is fatal, but no additional details were available.