After seizing counterfeit money in $20, $50 and $100 denominations, Lloydminster RCMP are reminding businesses of the preventative steps they can take to reduce counterfeit currency incidents.

RCMP said the fake bills were used at several Lloydminster businesses.

Police recommend verifying at least two or three security features of Canadian bank notes, or comparing suspect bills to those that are known to be genuine.

If a business suspects it has been offered a counterfeit note during a transaction, RCMP say to take the following steps:

-          Ensure that no one is at risk

-          Politely refuse the note and explain that it is thought to be counterfeit

-          Ask for another note and check it as well

-          Advise the person to check the bill with local police

-          Inform local police of a possible attempt to pass counterfeit currency

If the bill is thought to be fake after a transaction, RCMP ask business owners keep it and record all relevant information including its denomination and serial number. Record the details of how the bank note was received: time, context, description of the person who used it and any accomplices, vehicle license plate number, etc. Then, contact local police.

More information can be found at the Bank of Canada’s website.