The spike in the temperature around the city has caused many winter activities to be put on hold.

As many Edmontonians head outside to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather, favourite outdoor events have temporary shutdown as the temperature stays on the plus-side of zero.

The city website updated their outdoor rinks/iceways to closed due to late season condtions, excluding the Castle Downs rink which was last updated early December.

Edmonton isn’t the only city to close their outdoor surfaces, surrounding communities including St. Albert and Sherwood Park closed their outdoor rinks because of the weather.

The Edmonton Ice Castle has closed down from February 15-17, planning to reopen on February 18 for evenings only.

The warm weather has put a damper Edmonton’s longest running festival centered around skating, the Silver Skate Festival.  The poor ice conditions making the winter sports difficult execute, putting the upcoming skating events at the festival into question.

Skate races scheduled to happen on February 18-19 and Kortebaan scheduled for February 19 are both said to be happening on the outdoor ice in Hawrelak.

Temperatures are predicted to stay above average for at least the next week.