EDMONTON -- An Edmonton woman is searching for the owner of a unique toolbelt found in an old storage locker in Cold Lake.

The three-pouch leather belt with two hammer holders isn't that out of the ordinary — until you notice the GM car-seat buckle attached to it.

"Someone took the time to remove the original buckle and sew a seatbelt on it," said Pam Dornbusch.

The belt is also engraved with a message: "To My Dear Dad, from Trevor, Merry X-Mas 1982.”

The belt came into Dornbusch's possession when her mother found a cache of tools in her deceased husband's storage locker.

"We don't know how it get there or where it came from," she told CTV News Edmonton. "I had never seen them in all the years I helped work out there."

The Edmonton woman is now on a mission to find the rightful owner of the belt.

"I have tools from my late father and I would be devastated if they went missing," she said.

Anyone who recognizes the toolbelt or message is asked to get in touch with Dornbusch on Twitter or by emailing her at pam_dornbusch@hotmail.com.