RED DEER, ALTA. -- An Alberta judge has ordered another psychiatric exam for a man accused of killing a family doctor at a medical clinic in central Alberta.

Deng Mabiour is charged with first-degree murder in last month's slaying of Dr. Walter Reynolds at the Village Mall Walk-In Clinic in Red Deer.

Judge Bert Skinner ordered a five-day psychiatric exam on Sept. 2 to see if Mabiour is fit to stand trial. Skinner said Monday that Mabiour has not been co-operating with staff at the Calgary psychiatric centre and an additional 30 days is required.

Skinner also asked Mabiour, again, if he had contacted legal aid. Mabiour told the court that he would represent himself.

“I’ll represent myself. Why should legal aid represent me? I am good enough to talk in the court,” he said.

Mabiour went on several tirades at the judge last week, demanding to know why he wouldn't ask him why he killed his family doctor.

The case returns to court Oct. 14.

With files from the Canadian Press.