RED DEER -- A 91-year-old Red Deer man has cycled the distance of the earth’s circumference on a stationary bike.

Harold Lehmann started with the goal of cycling the distance it would take to cross Canada. However, after achieving that goal, he wanted to go even further.

“I wanted to go further than just from Nova Scotia to Vancouver,” said Lehmann. “And, it hit me. I can go around the world. That’s a long ways.”

Lehmann cycled more than 40,000 kilometres. It took him two years of cycling nearly everyday to complete his goal. He said his body struggled at times, but he never thought of giving up.

“If I went too far in one day, my legs got tired and I’d get the cramps in them,” said Lehmann. “But, my mind never let me down. I was very determined to keep it up.”

His daughter, Sheri Lehmann-Nelson, said that determination is something her father has had his entire life.

“He’s the strongest man I know,” said Lehmann-Nelson “He has gone through a lot and he always kept going.”

Lehmann started cycling only three years ago. He said he has never owned a bike.

“I couldn’t afford a bike when I was a little guy,” said Lehmann. “When I could afford a bike, I bought a driver’s licence and drove a car.”

Lehmann said he is excited that he accomplished his goal, and he hopes that his accomplishment will reinforce the idea of never giving up.

“I felt pleased that my mind would let me pedal and keep going to finish what I’d started,” said Lehmann.

“The message that I would tell everybody is if you start something, don’t quit.”