RED DEER -- The City of Red Deer has seen its first case of COVID-19. The case was shown on the COVID-19 geospatial map which shows all the cases in Alberta and the area the individuals live.

The individual’s condition and age is unknown, but the map shows the person lives in southwest Red Deer.

This is the first case in Red Deer, but the third case in central Alberta.

Karen Mann, Director of Emergency Operations Centre, said the measures that are in place are intended to keep number of cases low.

"If we want to keep the number of cases low, the best way to do that is through these extensive social distancing measures that we’ve already enacted and continue to enact," she said

With the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, reporting 27 new cases on Thursday, taking the total number of cases in Alberta to 146, Mann thinks there may be more cases in the future in Red Deer.

"I think that if we look at the trajectory and how the COVID-19 situation has evolved, there’s a potential for more cases in our area."

However, the most recent report has not shown any new cases in Red Deer or central Alberta.

"The city of Red Deer has taken a very proactive approach to the COVID-19 situation," said Mann.

"If we continue to take this as seriously as we do and continue to address situations as they arise, we do believe we can keep the number of cases in the city of Red Deer low."