Merrill Kean's search for a new kidney is hitting the road, literally. 

Kean was first diagnosed with chronic kidney disease 12 years ago, with doctors estimating her kidney to be functioning at 35 per cent. She changed her diet and her lifestyle to help prolong the need for a new kidney, but two years ago she found out that time had come.

“It’s been stressful in someways, but not bad in others," said Kean.

"It’s just the waiting game."

It was then her husband Tom Kean decided to take measures into his own hands. He had signs made to fit the back of vehicles that advertised the need for a live donor kidney that had either positive or negative type A or O blood. 

“It’s been very challenging and I told her I was going to get her a kidney before she goes on dialysis," he said. 

"She’s going on dialysis in October and I haven’t found her a kidney yet.”

The couple now has a fleet of 10 travelling billboards in hopes of finding a match.

“I would be very excited, very excited,” Merrill said. “In the long run, I would be in excellent health again.”

“Moving forward would just be absolutely awesome," said Tom. "I wouldn’t have to haul all the hay up to the loft anymore, she could help me,” he said jokingly.

So far, the Keans have received a number of responses.

“That’s helped a great deal, we’ve had a lot of calls for possible donors on that,” said Merrill.

“We got a great response from all over Alberta, it’s been on social media in the U.K., in the Yukon, Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan and the U.S.,” said Tom.

If you can help find Merrill a kidney, you can call her directly at 403-347-8988 or you can call the living donor clinic at 1-866-253-6833.