RED DEER -- A Red Deer school is holding a parade to maintain connections between students and teachers.

Staff from St. Elizabeth Seton will stand on the sidewalk surrounding the school greeting their students and their families as they drive by.

“We had noticed that there were other schools within our school community putting on parades,” said Kathleen Adair, a teacher at St. Elizabeth Seton.

“We wanted to reach out so that our kiddos knew that they were loved and missed.”

Adair said maintaining the connection between teacher and student has been difficult since restrictions due to COVID-19 shut down in-person classrooms.

“We as humans are wired for connection,” said Adair. “Now that we no longer get to see them, we’ve kind of lost that connection a little bit.”

However, the connection hasn’t been lost entirely. The relationship cultivated in the classroom has moved to an online space. Teachers at St. Elizabeth Seton still see their students every week, either in smaller groups or entire classrooms, through Google Meet. The school staff’s goal with the parade is to strengthen that connection a bit more.

“This was just another avenue we wanted to present to our community so that they were able to see us and still feel that they’re part of our family,” said Adair.

Adair said it has been difficult for her students as they transition to a new way of learning due to the pandemic. However, she has been pleasantly surprised by the determination they have shown.

“The hardest part is explaining what is going on to the kids, but one of the greatest things I’ve noticed in my students is the perseverance they are showing,” said Adair.

“They always show a sign of hope.”

The parade is scheduled for May 27 between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.