EDMONTON -- Celebrating the holidays can create a lot of extra garbage, from the gifts themselves to wrapping paper and extra food.

According to Waste Free Edmonton, Canadians create up to 25 per cent more waste this time of year. And the amount of waste collected by the City of Edmonton nearly doubles after Christmas.

But there are ways to cut down on the clutter.

Gift giving:

  • Give an experience
  • Give a donation
  • Make a gift
  • Give an investment
  • Re-gift or buy a pre-loved gift

"We constantly feel this pressure, like we have to buy so much stuff and buy for everyone," Melissa Gorrie said. "Share experiences, show your love and affection for people in ways that don't involving buying just more stuff."

Almost anything can be repurposed to wrap your gifts.

"Find creative ways to use what's recyclable and what's reusable," she said.

Wrapping gifts:

  • Avoid glittery, unrecyclable paper
  • Use string instead of tape
  • Reuse gift bags
  • Save tissue and wrapping paper

When it comes to decorating, Gorrie recommends avoiding disposable dishes and cutlery and being more thoughtful about your purchases.

"Take some of the stress off yourself and just kind of enjoy what you have, buy pieces that are meant to last and timeless," she said.

The City of Edmonton has resources to help you cut down on waste and determine what can be recycled or reused.