Sound Bowl Therapy uses sound and vibration to help treat pain in the body.

Monika Nutzenberger offers the treatment in her basement, or what she calls her “sound oasis.” She places 12 metal bowls on different parts of the body and hits them with a mallet for about an hour. The resulting massage she said goes deeper than any other.  

“It’s like a massage but gentle and the pain just sort of releases”

According to her there are many benefits from the therapy.

 “The sound relaxes the person but the vibration massages the body cells.”

Practitioners claim the vibration of each different sized singing bowl massages each body cell. The method is used commonly in Germany hospitals, schools, senior homes, and rehab centres by doctors, nurses and teachers.

Nutzenburger said she learned the therapy while she was growing up in Germany from her mother and once her kids grew up decided to do it full time.

“You have to think of standing there and throwing a pebble in a lake, it has all those ripples and that is what’s happening in your body.”

According to research there is also a positive response from sound therapy in Alzheimer patients and kids with ADHD.

The therapy is still developing here in Canada. 

With files from Nicole Weisberg