The fence that has injured two deer in Cameron Heights in recent days does meet city requirements, but residents want a solution safer for wildlife.

Fish and Wildlife euthanized a deer that got caught on a fence Wednesday afternoon. Witnesses and wildlife officers told CTV News the deer attempted to clear the fence, but got caught in the groin.

Residents say at least six animals have been killed since the fence went up roughly two years ago. One of them started a petition two weeks ago to take it down, and more than 500 people have signed it.

“We needed a petition to get something done as soon as possible,” Melanie Wilson told CTV News. “We just can’t wait anymore.”

The fence’s latest victim was euthanized by a Fish and Wildlife officer in front of several residents, including children.

“When I saw the video of the deer, honestly it brought tears to my eyes,” Wilson said. “It’s gruesome, and the fact that children witnessed that is really, really disturbing.”

The city said it will review its standards around fences early next year.

“In this particular case, that fence meets the requirements of the servicing agreement, but at this point we need to look at it a little bit more,” said City Planning Branch Manager Peter Ohm. “We’re going to be chatting with the contractor fairly soon. They acknowledged something needs to be done.”

CTV News reached out to the developer. They declined a request for an interview, but said they are working to figure out how to resolve the issue.

With files from Nahreman Issa