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'Respect their privacy': McDavid keeps his cool as he's mobbed by fans during beer run


Connor McDavid does his own beer runs. He's just like us.

The only difference is that he's mobbed by fans when he's loading the beers in his trunk.

Video posted to Facebook, which has since been taken down, shows the Oilers captain surrounded by three fans as he puts a few cases of beer in his car, seemingly after Edmonton beat the Dallas Stars 2-1 on Sunday night to make the Stanley Cup Final.

The person who shot the video repeatedly thanks McDavid, asks for a hug and proceeds to hug #97.

McDavid remained polite as fans got up close and personal.

"Give the guy a little bit of space…be excited, be happy for the team, be happy for McDavid. It's a unique moment to get a chance to meet him, but go about it a little less obnoxiously," Edmonton Sports Talk host Tom Gazzola told CTV News Edmonton. "Don't sit on his car, do not pat him on the back really hard. Get a picture and enjoy the moment, that's the thing you want as a fan. That's what he and the rest of the team would appreciate but a little overboard, for sure, and I think 'cringe' is the word that pops up, unfortunately."

Oilers fans CTV News Edmonton talked to at Ice District agree.

"It's a hard watch," Cristian Naranjilla said. "We should respect their privacy, their personal time."

"Disappointing. I know he's a big figure in the city but you know, personal space," Mohammad Jaber said. "Don't invade the guy's privacy, he's with his fiance. He's celebrating good times, they just advanced to the Stanley Cup Final so just be respectful."

Gazzola said McDavid is a "normal guy" and most importantly, a good host.

"I think what that video tells us with him lugging all those beers and the drinks is that he's a good host," Gazzola said. "That's the most important thing. He's a good host and he'll go pick up for the crew himself and I can appreciate that."

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Jeremy Thompson