The province has released the results of an external review into the work of a former employee of the Calgary Medical Examiner.

According to the province, the independent expert review panel found the conclusions of Dr. Evan Matshes were unreasonable in all but one of the cases reviewed.

The expert review panel reviewed Dr. Matshes’ files in November.

The panel reviewed 13 cases of death, and one case of a living victim with injuries – thirteen of those conclusions reached by Dr. Matshes were found to be unreasonable, either in the cause of death, manner of death and/or other notes.

Conclusions in only one case were found to be reasonable.

The province said conclusions are deemed reasonable when the opinions expressed have a reasonable degree of medical, scientific and professional certainty.

The review was launched after concerns were raised by third parties about Dr. Matshes work.

Minister of Justice and Solicitor General Jonathan Denis said he was satisfied by the findings of the panel.

When concerns over Dr. Matshes’ findings were first noted, defense lawyers in cases involving his conclusions were notified, and a prosecutor was assigned to review criminal prosecution files, including autopsies conducted by Dr. Matshes.

Protocols at Medical Examiner’s offices in Edmonton and Calgary have changed since this case came to light.

Changes include the peer-review of homicide files before autopsy results are released to Crown Prosecutors, and all cases involving children younger than three years old are also reviewed.