Wildlife officers urge people to be cautious around Edmonton's river valley this weekend after a black bear was spotted in the area earlier in the week.

The animal was seen by a woman out jogging near the Whitemud Equine Centre, east of Whitemud Park.

Wildlife officers say the bear could be anywhere by now as the animals can travel up to 30 kilometres a day.

"We just ask people to be aware of your surroundings," urged Paul Prefontaine, with Fish and Wildlife. "If you're walking through the river valley right now, make lots of noise."

A group of young riders is preparing for a weekend competition at the equestrian centre. Organizers say extra precautions are being taken but the show will go on.

"Unless we see it in the ring – that's when we will call it," nodded Heather Garneau, with the Clearwater Pony Club.

The bear sighting didn't stop El Bisnar from spending the day fishing on the banks of the North Saskatchewan.

"The bear could be around here somewhere," Bisnar remarked, glancing around at the brush around him.

It's unusual for a bear to end up in Edmonton but not unheard of. Eight years ago, a black bear wandered into Laurette Dropko's backyard in north Edmonton. It ended up being shot by wildlife officers after it got out of the yard and was a potential threat to others in the area.

"I begged them not to kill it and they went ahead and killed it and that was so sad," Dropko recalled.

Officials say residents can avoid attracting dangerous animals, like black bears, by keeping trails free of litter. Outdoor enthusiasts are also encouraged to carry bear spray and stay out of the river valley at dusk when bears are most active.

With files from CTV's Sean Amato.