It didn’t draw the biggest number of competitors but organizers of Edmonton’s first rock-skipping competition say they’re happy with how the event turned out.

The inaugural Edmonton Rock Skipping Open took place at the Sir. Wilfred Laurier Park boat launch Saturday afternoon.

Six competitors skipped rocks to gain bragging rights and raise money for the Edmonton Food Bank.

Organizer David Young said the idea came when he was vacationing in B.C. He posted to Twitter that he was “pretty good at skipping rocks.” Someone messaged Young to say that they were better and the competition grew from there.

“The winner this year will be the undisputed, de facto rock-skipping champion of Edmonton,” Young told CTV News.

Young ended up taking home the champion title himself, with 25 skips.

The runner-up came in at 19 skips and in third place was 16 skips.

Young says it’s all about the distance, speed and fast the rock is spinning. It also comes down to the rock itself.

“It’s got to be flat and round and you have to have a lot of heart,” he said with a smile.

Each competitor also donated $10 to the food bank.

On the Rocks Restaurant also agreed to match the total amount raised so in total, organizers say the first Rock Skip Open raised at least $120 for the Edmonton Food Bank.

Young hopes more people come out to participate in next year’s tournament