EDMONTON -- An Edmonton theatre company is proving when one door shuts, a window can open. COVID-19 had shut down Plain Jane Theatre’s productions, but they’ve decided to come up with a show where you can see them perform live… through a window.

“It’s funny explaining this show to people," says one of the performers, Josh Travnik. “It’s socially distanced and also we’re not even in the same building as you, and people are like, ‘Wait, how does that work?’”

It’s called Scenes from the Sidewalk and it works like this the performers sing through a window to an audience sitting inside the lobby of the Varscona Theatre.

“We’re kind of flipping things around, turning things inside out or outside in,” says the director, Kate Ryan.

Like a lot of theatre companies, Plain Jane had to flip to something unique to keep performing. They’re not only proud of the creativity that went into writing this show but the creativity it took to even put it on.

“It’s kind of exciting,” says Travnik. “Especially when we haven’t been able to do theatre it’s exciting to come in with this totally new kind of theatre.”

“I love when the walls are closing in,” says Ryan. “That’s, I think, when we do our most creative work.”

And even though a lot of walls were put up because of the pandemic, these performers see a window of opportunity to do something special.

“This hopefully will be the first of many,” says Ryan. “Who knows, maybe we’ll be bundling up and doing this at Christmas?”

Scenes From The Sidewalk is on for three shows outside the Varscona Theatre on Saturday and Sunday.