We met our first interview outside a government building in west Whitehorse. Department of Highway Engineering. Its director, Paul Murchison, came outside to meet us. We discussed the challenges in maintaining the Alaska Highway (especially the sections built on permafrost) and the research they're doing to prevent failures in the road. Interesting chat that you can see more of (cheap plug) in our TV feature.

We left Whitehorse and decided to take a slight detour to the Carcross Desert, referred to as the 'World's Smallest Desert'. It's a 1x1 km sand dune, surrounded by forrest/moutains. Apparantly, it's actually the bottom of what used to be an ancient lake, and another side excursion many Alcan travellers stop to see.

Carcross Desert

Next we took another detour north, back onto the Alaska Highway. We went back through Watson Lake because we had some unfinished business. This is another cool 5 hours of driving or so. We made it, and stopped for lunch and an arts & crafts project.

Dan Grummett making a sign

Another 3 hours past Watson Lake, and we were back in Muncho Lake for the night.