EDMONTON -- “They’re missing their kids; they love their kids”. 

That’s why the principal of Jan Reimer elementary school in the Orchards neighbourhood of south Edmonton says it was time for a parade.

“We have the best staff, our teachers are so dedicated,” said Jan Sawyer Monday afternoon while about 30 teachers decorated vehicles with balloons and messages for their students. 

“We are having a parade so each of our teachers are getting into a car and are driving past all of our kids' homes so we can greet them and say hello.” 

With horns honking and teachers, along with their own children, waving and shouting hellos, the parade wound its way through the Orchards and Summerside communities. 

The McFarlane family was one of the first to see the parade drive past. 

“I just think it's pride, I think it's great for teachers to get out and show the kids they miss them and also give the kids a chance to show they miss the teachers," said Kyle McFarlane. 

As the parade slowly moved past homes in the afternoon sunshine, more and more families opened their doors, stepped onto their porches, and waved back at their teachers and principal, who said everyone was excited to see all the smiling faces. 

“We love them and we miss them and they’re still ours."