EDMONTON -- A world-famous improv company is doing performances starring quarantined couples.

Second City, which has theatres in Toronto, Chicago and Hollywood, is featuring some of its actors who are isolating together.

The show, called Improv House Party, will feature teams of married couples that take suggestions online and make up scenes based on those ideas.

“The great things about the show we’re doing is that they’re still live because that is what Second City does. Improv has to be live and it has to be influenced by the audience,” says Second City’s creative director Carly Heffernan.

She says right now, actors and audience members are influenced by spending time in close quarters.

"No couple was supposed to spend this amount of time together," Heffernan. “I’m currently quarantined with my husband and things are just OK. They’re just OK.”

Second City moved its shows and classes online to keep its audiences engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic and to help provide an escape for the people watching and the people performing.

“One of the performers said afterwards, 'Wow, for 45 minutes I really forgot we were in a crisis,'" Heffernan says.

This week, Second City alumni Colin Mochrie and his wife Deb McGrath will join the show for a performance.

“When am I going to see one of the most famous improvisers, Colin Mochrie, live in my own living room and I get to be influencing what he’s doing?” asked Heffernan.

She hopes people watch the show not only to have some laughs but also see how other married couples are getting along in isolation.

“We should tune in every week to see how relationships are doing to be honest," joked Heffernan.

The days and times for Second City’s shows are posted on the group's website.