The rail services company that employs three workers, who were all struck by a train on Dec. 26, has confirmed a second worker has been released from hospital.

A and B Rail Services confirmed Monday that two of the three workers are now out of hospital, and recovering at home, the first worker was released over the weekend.

The third worker remains in hospital, but few details were available on his status, but he remains in hospital.

They were hospitalized after being hit by a train on Boxing Day, as they were clearing snow off of rail switches at the Cloverbar Rail Yard.

They were reportedly wearing hearing protection and were using snow blowers at the time – officials said the train engineer blew his whistle a number of times to get their attention, to no avail.

The train that hit them was travelling at about 40 kilometres per hour at the time.

Occupational Health and Safety issued a stop-work order to the company, which was lifted on Saturday.