An independent committee, tasked with recommending compensation for members of Edmonton’s city council, has come forward with a recommendation for a second increase this year – just for councillors.

The committee recommended councillors receive an additional 2.5 per cent increase – while the mayor’s salary would stay the same.

However, the report stated their salaries should not be one-third tax-free, as they have been in the past.

With entirely taxable incomes, the recommended increase would offset the added taxes.

Before taxes, the Mayor would receive about $198,000, while councillors would receive about $109,000 – and if it’s approved, it would go into effect at the end of October, 2013.

The change would also cost the city an extra $286,000 per year.

The second raise did not sit well with the mayor, and at least one councillor.

“Our raise has occurred, there should be no more raises in this year, any impact on this should be on next council,” Mayor Stephen Mandel said.

“To me it’s a non-issue, it’s not a lot of money when you add it all up,” Councillor Bryan Anderson said.  “I’d be comfortable for it to stay as it is.”

However, Councillor Kim Krushell said it could be a good idea – as being on council can be a grueling job.

“People don’t often realize how many hours we do put in,” Krushell said.

“The committee was asked to make appropriate recommendations for compensation, including base salary, benefits and allowances,” Committee member Dan McKinley said.

Recommendations by the committee are based on the Alberta Average Weekly Earnings Index.

This recommendation comes only weeks after the mayor and city councillors received a 3.2 per cent pay increase, which went into effect on Jan. 1.

Under the last increase, the Mayor was eligible to receive $163,928, while councillors could receive $90,788.

With files from Ashley Molnar