EDMONTON -- A war memorial in north Edmonton has been vandalized with several plaques ripped from their foundations, drawing the ire of local veterans groups.

Sometime before Wednesday, three plaques surrounding the Griesbach Memorial's centrepiece were taken. 

"It's senseless vandalism for now reason," said Herby Kenny with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Foundation. 

"[I] couldn't understand why." 

Griesbach Memorial

One of the plaques hid a rectangular opening that held a time capsule that was placed there in 2014 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. 

Kenny says it's fortunate the time capsule wasn't damaged. 

"My heart just dropped ... it was such a sigh of relief," he said. 

"Whoever took the plaques didn't take the time to look inside." 

The memorial was similarly defaced three years ago with the plaques taken. A man was eventually arrested and charged. 

He fears the plaques may end up being sold for scrap metal.

Police are investigating, and Kenny says he hopes whoever is responsible is caught and served an appropriate punishment. 

"Maybe some community service ... maybe come here and sweep this park every day." 

Griesbach Memorial