A judge has handed down the sentencing decision for two men convicted in a 2013 triple murder in central Alberta.

Justice Eric Macklin announced Wednesday afternoon that Joshua Frank and Jason Klaus had been sentenced to serve their three life sentences concurrently – meaning they will not be eligible for parole for 25 years.

The sentencing hearing for Jason Klaus and Joshua Frank started on January 22, 2018, after the pair was found guilty of planning and then killing Klaus’ parents Gordon and Sandra and his sister Monica in 2013. The family’s home was then burned, with the bodies inside.

During trial, court heard Klaus was having issues with his father, and had offered Frank money to kill the family – Klaus’ defence lawyer argued the two men should serve the three 25 year sentences for first degree murder concurrently, and not consecutively.

The lawyer said 75 years behind bars would be a “death sentence” for 42-year-old Klaus.



Justice Eric Macklin was supposed to hand down sentences on January 22, but sentencing was put over to Wednesday, February 14.

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